The NPA must actively fight Islamophobia!

 (Contribution to the discussion bulletin of the NPA, November 2010)

Argenteuil, April 2009 : A young woman wearing a veil is the victim of a physical attack by three individuals in Argenteuil.

Hauts de Seine, July 2009: A young woman wearing a veil is violently attacked by a stranger in a large shopping center in Hauts-de-Seine.

Bordeaux, September 2009: A women wearing a veil is attacked with a knife by men shouting Islamophobic insults.

Béziers, January 2010 : Swastikas are spraypainted on the mosque.

Strasbourg, January 2010 :  Racist graffiti on the car of an administrator of the Strasbourg Mosque

Paris, February 2010 : a retired teacher attacks a Muslim woman wearing the niqab (full facial veil), and tears off her veil.  “For me, wearing the veil is an attack.  You don’t wear the niqab in my country,” she says in self-justification.

Everywhere in France, February 2010 : A media smear campaign against the NPA candidate in Vaucluse, who wears a headscarf.  Martine Aubry (First Secretary of the Socialist Party) denounces the choice of candidate, as does Jean-Luc Mélenchon (founder of the Left Party).

Paris, March 2010 : The parliament begins discussion of a law to prohibit women from wearing the niqab in public.

Marseille, April 2010 :  A Halal butcher’s shop in the 15th arrondissment (ward) is shot at.

Istres, April 2010. The mosque is shot at—32 bullet holes left.

Tarascon (Bouches du Rhône) May 2010 : 7 Muslim graves are vandalized, bringing the total to fifteen cases of vandalism of Muslim graves in France since the beginning of 2010.

Strasbourg, June 2010 : 18 graves are vandalized in a Muslim section of the Robertsau cemetary.

Paris, June 2010 : Islamophobic organizations hold “pork sausage and red wine” parties in multicultural neighborhoods during prayer hours.

Paris, July 2010 : The law against women wearing the “full veil” is approved by the Assembly.  Only one deputy votes against.

Rhône Alpes, September 2010 :  Two women wearing headscarves are refused access to local adult education courses when they try to enroll

Lyon, September 2010 : Islamophobic and racist graffiti on a mosque.

Bron, October 2010 : Islamophobic and racist graffiti on a mosque.

The NPA Congress this year will debate a motion reaffirming that Muslims, veiled or not, are accepted into the Party and as candidates in elections on Party lists under the same conditions as all other members of the Party.  If the motion is carried, it will an important step forward.  But it’s not enough.  Our party must take up an active struggle against Islamophobia.  The importance of this struggle is highlighted by the information given above.  We leave it to the comrades to judge the importance that these incidents have been given by the party press.


We are living through a period in which there is an increase of Islamophobia and practically the entire Left and the Far Left are entirely indifferent at best.  That must change.


Marie Geaugey (NPA 78), John Mullen (NPA Montreuil)